Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Complete Seasons 1-6

November 19, 2013 - Comment

**148 episodes on 23 discs. 57 1/4 hrs.**

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**148 episodes on 23 discs. 57 1/4 hrs.**


MagTech says:

Be Sure to Check Them I just have one problem with this selection. When I went to watch season 2 although the first disc was labeled disc 1 the data on it was identical to that of disc 2. In a nutshell, the disc was mislabeled and so lucky me, I got 2 disc 2’s and no disc 1. As the packaging on these seasons were the original manufacturer wrappers, I don’t know if this just got by quality control or what. My advice is to check all the discs before your 30 day return window is up.

mellowman says:

Not a boxed set Watch out! I thought this would be a boxed set with extras. It is just the six seasons shrink-wrapped together. You can buy them individually for much less!

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