Draftmark 1-Pack Tap System, NBABPD1500-000

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Serve cold, draught beer on tap from the comfort of home with the Draftmark tap system. view larger Choose from a variety of distinctly different beers. view larger With Draftmark, you choose the glassware, the portion, and the pour. view larger With Draftmark, your home’s become the new hotspot for hanging out. Uses easy-to-load (1-gallon)

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Draftmark Tap System Serve cold, draught beer on tap from the comfort of home with the Draftmark tap system. view larger Draftmark brews Perfect pull Choose from a variety of distinctly different beers. view larger Perfect pull With Draftmark, you choose the glassware, the portion, and the pour. view larger Draftmark brews With Draftmark, your home’s become the new hotspot for hanging out. Perfect pull Uses easy-to-load (1-gallon) 3.8-liter refills (offered separately) of your favorite beer brand. view larger Draftmark technology Beer stays fresh for up to 30 days thanks to bottle-in-bottle technology.

Draftmark Tap System

Fill, Chill, Pour, Relax

You’ve checked another productive day off your to-do list. Now it’s time to relax and unwind. Insert your favorite beer brand into your Draftmark appliance, refrigerate until 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit, and then enjoy fresh draught beer right from your refrigerator. With this high-end Draftmark personal draught system, easily serve flavorful, cold, draught beer on tap in sophisticated style–all from the comfort of your home.

Whether it’s decompressing after work with the neighbors, hosting a potluck on the patio, or going all in for poker night with the guys, Draftmark has made your home the new hotspot for camaraderie and casually kicking back. As the sun hits the horizon, raise your glass: here’s to the good life, good friends–and great draught beer.

Uses 1-Gallon (3.8-Liter) Refills

The Draftmark tap system works with 1-gallon refills (sold separately) of your favorite beer brand. Make sure the refill is chilled 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit (from room temperature, chilling for about 8-12 hours hours should do the trick). Then load it, tap it, and sit back to enjoy. One 1-gallon refill provides 11 generous servings of high-quality, great-tasting draught beer.

Different styles of beer taste best with the right type of glass. Chilled, rinsed glassware works best. With Draftmark, you get to choose the glassware, the portion, and the pour.

Beer Stays Brewery Fresh for 30 Days

Draftmark’s bottle in bottle technology ensures oxygen never touches your beer. The beer is naturally carbonated; resulting in a crisp, clean taste for up to 30 days once tapped.

What’s on Draught?

Complement your mood, food or occasion by loading one of Draftmark’s many brand varieties. From a casual evening at home, to a gathering with friends, Draftmark’s got you covered.

Interchangeable Tap Brand Badges

Showcase the beer brand inside the Draftmark by applying the magnetic tap brand badge to the handle (badges offered separately).

Rechargeable Battery

The system uses a rechargeable battery that comes charged. To recharge the battery, simply plug it in, then reinstall–it fully recharges in 2-6 hours.

Savor the Moment

It’s time to slow down and let the cares of the day fall away. It’s time for you and your friends to have some fun, beginning with fresh, flavorful, cold draught beer served right from the tap. Draftmark brings the draught experience home, making it easy to chill with friends in casual style, your style. With the Draftmark system, draught beer on tap just got better. Welcome home.

Easy to use

No cleaning. Simple and easy to use. Fresh pour spout (keg-line) with each refill. Same size as a fridge pack. Meant to live in your refrigerator.

What’s in the Box?

Draftmark appliance, rechargeable battery, user manual

Product Features

  • True, fresh draught beer in the comfort of your home
  • Bottle in bottle technology ensures crisp, clean freshness for up to 30 days once tapped
  • Draftmark is an easy to use system that allows you to customize your draught experience
  • A variety of beer brands & styles are available (sold separately)
  • Draftmark lets your control your portion and pour


BeerSampler says:

Lack of convenient refills will be their downfall for an otherwise neat item. Poor, outdated selection for many beer lovers. First of all, the definition of 2 stars per Amazon’s rating system is “I do not like it” and that is the case for me. If this thing was actually practical in my area of Seattle, WA, (an area advertised as having refills) it could be at least 4 stars. I cancelled my order at the last minute after investigating further. My “team” and I(a diverse, dirty, thirsty, gaggle of engineers, technicians, professionals, blue collar workers, hop farmers and homemakers) would have LOVED to be able to review the function. Over and over.I have two main issues that stopped me from taking the leap. First, the Amazon description has NO reference that I could find as to what beers are available (except for the small, unclickable picture). I have made 1 or two mistakes in my life and could have missed it as I am currently drinking my third beer evaluation of the day. I am familiar with beer and can recognize the little boxes (brand maybe but not exact type), but there should be more…

I Do The Speed Limit says:

This would be a fun, rewarding relationship–if I could find beer What fun this is! I always knew that draft beer tasted better than bottled beer and definitely better than canned beer. But that knowledge didn’t hold much meaning until I pulled my own draft–right out of my refrigerator! Using this Draftmark System has been a real eye-opener.UPDATED Oct. 30, 2013: I’ve added this paragraph and the next and left the rest of my original review as is: I’ve lowered my rating from five- to four-stars because I can’t find beer: I’ve spent a lot of time going to the stores that supposedly carry the beer. I’ve found people–who should know–not know what I’m asking about. I’ve called the distributors that supposedly distribute the beer in my area–north and south of my home. They’ve given me so much bad information that I have gotten very discouraged. They don’t have a clue what stores are allowed to carry it or what they have in their warehouses. I’ve found out-of-date beer that one person said was the birth date and another guy said…

S. Power says:

Innovative way to have draft beer at home. 0

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